Website optimization

Website building is a complex procedure which requires a great deal of professional knowledge of a good web designer.

Wrong manner of website building, or forgetting a small detail can we punished by Google (the god of the internet). MarketBiz provides the entire shell of a proper website building, including the storage and the optimization. We work thoroughly and carefully, and we don’t miss any detail.

Important details for proper website building  we place as an emphasis:

  1. Usage of a relevant URL for the page/post.
  2. Usage of unique media and content (please don’t steal media and content from others). If you use someone else’s content, do it by using a link and writing a credit.
  3. Usage of meta tags – It’s important to define what is the main title (H1) and what is the secondary title (H2 etc. otherwise Google with punish us).
  4. Usage of SSL protocol – Google requires more than just HTTPS to secure your website.
  5. Fast storage – It is very important your website will be hosted in the same country wherein provide your services. Do not hesitate to ask for the server specifications and info and check the speed of your website. Google hates slow websites.
  6. Compress your media as much as possible – Google likes fast websites, not heavy, slow ones.
  7. Right usage of cache, in order to let your website work at the highest speed possible.
  8. Correct writing of the Meta Tag description for each page. We write and tag the content that will be written in the google search and on the social network searches of each page.